Prophecy Songs of Rex Luciferius


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Prophecy Songs of Rex Luciferius



Rex Luciferius is known to his fans all over the world now as THE PROPHET OF COUNTRY and THE PROPHET OF ROCK as well as THE PROPHET OF BLUES. His new album Cross Roads is considered by some to be a major album in the History of Music since it not only has kick ass Delta Blues and Chicago Blues on it but it contains the first Prophecy Songs of Rex Luciferius a historic event to some.

Yet, before he was known for having such a great deep bass voice that can turn any song into THE BLUES, he was known as the WORLD FAMOUS PROPHET that went by the name of SOLLOG.

SOLLOG and Rex Luciferius is the same man and now the PROPHECIES of the Prophet Sollog are the magical songs of Rex Luciferius.

Seems to me some ‘book’ speaks about THE TWO PROPHETS that show up in the END TIMES

The fact is that for over 20 years a famous modern day PROPHET named Sollog has been warning of future events and the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD. He is a world famous figure in the Occult world. Pretty much any major loss of life event you can think of the past 20 or so years in the USA has struck on 1 of the 5 lines that make up the famous Sollog Pentagram of Blood.

Events include:


Boston Marathon Bombings

Hurricanes Katrina, Andrew and Sandy

Most School Shootings including Columbine, Sandy Hook and VA Tech.

Cop Killings in Dallas and Baton Rouge

The Oklahoma City Bombing


Ft Hood Massacre

DC and Philadelphia Navy Yard Shootings

The DC Sniper

The Great Haiti Quake

Pentagram of Blood Map
Pentagram of Blood Map

Now we have Rex Luciferius, a singer brazen enough to use the Latin name for LUCIFER in his bands name LUCIFERIUS and he is singing about the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD and now we have seen a major acceleration of LOSS OF LIFE EVENTS on the Five Lines of the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD.

In just a few weeks since Luciferius put his hypnotic verses in songs onto SoundCloud, his songs have amassed over 20 Million Plays. He has been taking #1 Spots in multiple Genres on the SoundCloud Charts and he is becoming a BIG DEAL in Music. He is the only artist in HISTORY to put over 20 new songs onto the TOP 50 Charts in 5 Genres period.

Major Events to hit the PENTAGRAM OF BLOOD the past month or so since Luciferius released his Music Video Pentagram of Blood (Music Video) are:

Cop Shootings in Dallas

Cop Shootings in Baton Rouge

Muslim Imam’s Assassinations in New York City

Historic Flooding Baton Rouge

Zika Outbreak Miami

If you don’t like Heavy Metal then you might prefer the music video of Luciferius performed in Blues about the same thing. It is titled Pentagram of Blood Blues.

Then you have the Global Pentagrams Prophecy Song titled 7 Pentagrams and since it was released not long ago, you have had many acts of terrorism that have struck the Pentagram Lines over Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Then we have the FINAL WORD on Prophecy by Rex Luciferius his song titled THE END. It seems a large asteroid will soon destroy over 99.9% of humanity. It just could be when the FINAL PROPHECY of LUCIFERIUS is fulfilled there’s no one left to applaud him.

Thus far the #1 Hit on SoundCloud for Luciferius is not any of his Prophecy Tracks but a soulful dirty blues song titled I AM A BACKDOOR MAN. It was recently #1 in Country (It’s Country Blues).

I was able to get some ‘inside information’ today from the Agent of Rex Luciferius when I contacted them to speak to the GREAT PROPHET OF ROCK, he said the new Duet featuring David Bowie and Rex Luciferius doing Space Oddity (Major Tom) is quickly amassing lots of plays and it may become the most famous Rex Luciferius song on SoundCloud.

Imagine that, LUCIFER has risen David Bowie from THE DEAD

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1 eMusic

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247 News - "Best Free Music Site Period"

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Free Music - Music Reviews - Music News - Music Videos

Free Music - Rock - Country
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